MASH 2012

On September 7, 2012 The MASH was held for the first time on Wesleyan’s campus. It opened with The Mattabassett String Collective with special guest, President Roth, at noon at Usdan where students received information about what the events of the day would be. Three outfitted stages, located at the WesCo Courtyard, Usdan Patio and Olin Library Lawn, provided students with the opportunity to listen to some of Wesleyan’s most popular student bands, as well as have opportunities to sign-up and play for the audiences themselves.

The music continued through dinner with an outdoor barbecue and a performance by the alumni band Bear Hands. Following the event on Andrus Field, several concerts and music events planned by student organizations, the Music Department, and Usdan Campus Center took place throughout the evening, further highlighting the active music scene on campus.

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