MASH 2015

On Friday, September 11th, 2015 the fourth annual MASH festival was held. Due to the weather, the festival was held indoors for the first time, with venues in Usdan University Center, the Patricelli ‘92 Theater, and Crowell Concert Hall.


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2:00pm: Gee-rre

2:30pm: Locus – One man with psychedelic textures and experimental beats.

3:00pm: Jal & Locus – Your grandma’s favorite rapper.

3:30pm: Mom – A funky band full of post-pubescent mystery rock.

4:00pm: Quasimodal – Wesleyan’s oldest co-ed A cappella group.

4:30pm: Sneaky Sugars – A band. Plays indie rock music. Girl plays lead guitar. It’s cool.



2:00pm: Rui Barbosa –  3 man jamband playing funk, rock, and jazz. If it gets proggy, It’s probably Jonah.

2:30pm: Old Soles – Just a couple gals that love harmonies and attempt to make acoustic arrangements.

3:00pm: Matt Chilton – A conglomeration of instruments that somehow gained sentience.

3:30pm: Veeblefetzer – Wesleyan’s finest Klezmer ensemble.

4:00pm: SAD – We’ll make you cry and remind you of being 16.

4:30pm: Swipe Right – A band with nothing to lose.



2:00pm: Ari & Arian

2:30pm: Lo-Qi – Rap duo here to denounce corporate oppression. Listen on SoundCloud

3:00pm: Kari Wild

3:30pm: Sleep Kid – A sea-punk group of musicians and magicians Listen on Band Camp

4:00pm: Sloopy Coos Canyon – Pretty happy stuff about sometimes sad things.

4:30pm: Slavei – Devoted to bringing beautiful and inspiring music of Europe, the Balkans, and Caucasus Georgia to Wesleyan.



5:00pm: Smokin’ Lillies – Featuring Dean for Academic Advancement and the Class of 2017, and Adjunct Lecturer in Government Louise Brown; Director of the College of the Environment, Robert Schumann Professor of Environmental Studies, and Professor of Biology and Earth & Environmental Sciences Barry Chernoff; John E. Andrus Professor of Sociology and Director of the Allbritton Center for the Study of Public Life Rob Rosenthal; Luanne Benshimol; Evan Glass; Paul Horton; and special guest Wesleyan President Michael S. Roth on keyboards.

5:30pm: 5 Guys – Five men. Or five dudes. Five boys. They’re Ethan, Angus, Nick, Delaine, and Leo.

6:00pm: Chef – Cookin’ and servin up the hottest jams in the central CT region. Listen on BandCamp

6:30pm: The Rooks – A transplant from the Wesleyan University music scene, the band has spent the last three years making noise across New York City and the greater Northeast. Featuring Garth Taylor ’12 on lead vocals; Spencer Hattendorf ’12 on vocals, saxophone, and percussion; Nate Mondschein ’12 on drums and percussion; Grahm Richman ’11 on guitar; Louis Russo ’11 on bass, and Gabe Gordon ’11 on keyboards.

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